Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chief Executive's Statement on VIACK's Potential

As a successful executive in a number of industries, and for the most part, the high-technology industry since its early beginnings in 1970, I have had the great fortune of watching every moment of the technology evolution. It has been truly amazing. Above all, I have witnessed productivity gains that were unprecedented—even by the automation breakthroughs of previous decades and centuries, when engines replaced teams of horses and light bulbs replaced candles.

Now, what I consider the most remarkable piece of productivity advancement in a simple, inexpensive solution is here! It is VIA3! I might be one of the most fortunate people in the world with the opportunity I was given last May, 2008 to become the Chief Executive Officer of VIACK Corporation!! I inherited a world-class team of people and a government-certified VOIP communications solution, featuring unsurpassed ‘multi-point’ audio/video, a ‘best in class’ IM launchpad, in a simple, quick download, inexpensive software solution.

Within a week I became familiar with the market dynamics and the marketing failures of VIACK’s past, and I recalled that Cisco had acquired WebEx for some $3.1 billion just a year before, and that EBay had purchased Skype for more the prior year. Obviously, I rushed into understanding their competitive features and I was elated, if not shocked, to discover that VIA3 was exceptional and exceeded their capabilities in every way!

Now, I must say as I think of all my career positions—in both small and large firms alike—I simply could not and would not be able to manage my organization, whether it was in the same facility or geographically dispersed as it really is, nearly as effectively and efficiently as I can with VIA3! Our 14 employees are located in Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, Baltimore, MD and Santa Cruz and San Jose, CA. I am able to determine their attendance, their hourly availability, and more importantly, collaborate, meet and otherwise direct the organization. I will never be without it. I believe it will become the ‘way of the future!’

Neil W