Thursday, May 7, 2009

Online Presentations

A majority of Web Conferencing revolves around Online Presentations. This is where you are able to project your PowerPoint slides to any number of participants (1-1000) anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Heck, if you could find a WiFi connection on a beach in bali, you could run a global company meeting with sand in your shorts.

Part of the functionality you would also expect to see is “presenter” and “host” videos, which give you real time views of those who are speaking, or are slated to speak in the online presentation. Ideally you want video quality that allows you to see their mannerisms, expressions, posture, and unspoken communication.

Most people in a large meeting will be in “Audience Mode”, which means they are not projecting their audio or video, but rather watching from the audience. The audience can still communicate with the host and presenter through Group Chat. Group chat is a text-based instant communication that allows anyone in the meeting to input their questions, ideas, thoughts, jokes, comments, etc…

When you need to know everyone’s collective opinion, voting comes into play. The presenter or any one of the hosts can select “New Poll” and present a question to the entire group. For example, a meeting presenter might want to know if everyone has read the material, or whether they agree with what is being proposed. This is a quick and graphical way to immediately understand what the group’s outlook is. Results of the poll can be shown to the group, as well as stored for later consumption and distribution.

Here is a screenshot of VIA3 in presentation mode (Click to enlarge):

As you can see, there are multiple points of interaction that make an online presentation extremely effective. The main presentation is running on the majority of the screen for all to see, view, and follow. Multiple points of presenter and host videos can be seen on the right hand side. At the bottom right, you also see the group chat feature, where everyone is joining into the relevant discussion.

There are an array of tools across the top toolbar for the presenter to utilize if desired. New presentations can be introduced. They can also enact a “LiveView” to show their desktop, a product demonstration (demo), or a relevant application like Microsoft Excel, Access, or any proprietary application needing to be viewed.

There is also the option to open a new “Whiteboard”, where all participants can group think, strategize, plan, and virtually “doodle” with shapes, images, notes, annotations, and marks. These whiteboards can be saved for later use, review, and distribution.

Other miscellaneous controls are available for usage in the above illustration; Controlling attendees and their respective roles, inviting new attendees to join the meeting, recording meeting audio, and more.

This screen shot illustrates the functionality inside of VIA3, which is literally the most affordable, most secure, most feature rich teleworking solution on earth. Company meetings, training, group meetings, departmental meetings, sales demonstrations, marketing demonstrations, and webinars are all just a click away.

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