Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Open Letter from a Viack Investor:

To whom it may concern,

Let me first set the stage and introduce myself to you. My name is Mark Gierach and I own a company called Interactive Therapy Solutions. The service we are developing helps therapists improve their productivity. Simply put, we provide internet technologies at their fingertips to communicate with each other using video conferencing, application sharing, and other tools that will make their workflow more efficient and cost effective. I have been in the business of developing interactive solution strategies for a plethora of companies before embarking on my own. In my 10 years I have recorded countless hours researching software strategies that work, work well, and some that fail before they even know it. I say this not to boast about my experiences, in fact I am confident that I will learn much more in the years to come since technology never stands still. I share this with you because I currently see the potential of a great product in Viack, be on the verge of becoming even greater. Back in July, I was introduced to Viack by a friend of mine who also happened to be a Viack shareholder. I was intrigued with the information that was shared to me about the Via3 product and how it may be a benefit for my company during itʼs development phase. After researching the Via3 capabilities, I had the privilege to meet with Neil Woodruff, the CEO. After we talked, it was obvious that this product was on the verge of breaking through to the market masses. Unless you are living under rock, everyone understands that we are facing a delicate economy. As a result, many companies are trying to find ways to reduce their expenses and become more efficient in their productivity at the workplace. Although, my immediate focus is to help the therapy industry with their communication and workflow needs, I am convinced that Viack, represented by a team so dedicated to the success of their product and service, is indeed a company I am proud to stand beside to help advance my company. It is important to note, that this decision did not happen overnight. I have had numerous talks with Neil and asked multiple questions. I have seen first hand the grit and determination both Neil and his team currently have to turn a superior product that was poorly marketed into a superior product that, when properly marketed, will be successful beyond measure. Before making this decision, I have researched similar products that are currently on the market. Few are good, and many are not. So why decide to take a risk on VIACK instead of making a “B-line” for WebEx or Go-To-Meeting?

Why would I risk putting my company in jeopardy and add further financial burdens to my team and my family? The answer is simple... VISION! I see a market that is on the verge of a major growth spurt, and I see a product that has a strong solution to meet the demands that will be expected by businesses worldwide.
Via3 is currently a strong and “secure” product, but this was not the “tipping point” for my decision.

Via3 carries something most software companies forget to build into their product - a strong foundation and the versatility for expansion as technologies advance. With Via3ʼs adaptability, they are in a position to service multiple markets without major reconstruction to their software saving time and cost of production and delivery.

As a matter fact, I firmly believe that Via3, with its ability for adaptation, will be a force to
be reckoned with within the next 2 years.

I am writing this letter to anyone who may be considering investing resources with Viack. For what this letter is worth, I hope it will add more confidence and help you =
understand and clearly see the value and potential in Viack.

I will close this letter of appeal with what I believe you will be investing in. I love sports. What I truly love about sports is how often teams with great chemistry, dedication, and the will to win, will in fact, always win... no matter how big or small the team.

Viack indeed has the chemistry, dedication, and the will to win, and that is what you are
investing in. THAT is why they will win.

Mark Gierach. CEO
Interactive Therapy Solutions