Tuesday, May 5, 2009

VIA3 from Viack Awarded Best of Class Web Conferencing Solution

The Web Conferencing Council has named VIA3 from Viack as the “Best of class” in their 2009 Vendor Awards and Recommendations

04.17.2009 – SAN JOSE, Calif., April. 17 – The VIACK Corporation, a cutting edge leader in the world of affordable web conferencing and SaaS/On Demand online collaboration solutions, today announced the recent “Best of Class, 2009” award by the Web Conferencing Council (http://webconferencingcouncil.com), a leading body of industry experts and power users. The Web Conferencing Council released their 2009 Top Ten Vendor Whitepaper, which recommends ten web conferencing vendors based on extensive testing. The top spot in the list of ten went to VIA3 from the VIACK Corporation, which automatically gives VIA3 the title of “Best of Class” for 2009.

"We are proud to have the Web Conferencing Council recognize VIA3 as the ‘Best of Class’ for 2009. This award validates the tremendous effort we have put into making VIA3 the most affordable, secure, and feature rich business communication platform in the industry,” said Neil Woodruff, VIACK Corporation CEO. “Via3 provides businesses of all sizes and types the ability to reduce travel and communication expenses, while improving productivity that will ultimately lead to increased profitability.

VIA3 delivers a powerful set of web conferencing tools and services which enable its clients to leverage the power of the Internet with virtual presentations, demonstrations, meetings, and collaboration. This is achieved by combining a uniquely superior audio and video teleconferencing solution with instant messaging, application viewing and sharing, whiteboarding, and secure workspaces directly from the desktop, over any public or private IP network. All channels of communication are secure and no extra hardware or communication devices are needed beyond your computer with a webcam to facilitate the face-to-face meetings and collaboration.

At $23.75 a month for full functionality (including Audio), VIA3 has proven to be the most affordable solution in the industry today, especially when factoring in the depth of features and security that other vendors do not include. No other vendor on the Web Conferencing Council’s Top 10 List can match VIA3 on price, nor the depth of included features.