Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Voting and Polling in a Video Conference

We all want interactive video conferences. We want to see and be seen. We want to hear and be heard. We want to chat, and IM, and share files. Demo.

But we also want to count be counted. The way to accomplish this is through "voting and polling" - a feature normally done in person or by ballot media. In a Video Conference, voting and polling is as close as a click away.

For example, in VIA3, you can click the "New Poll" button on the toolbar in any meeting, and launch a dialog box to input your poll:

In this dialog box you can input a question. "Do you approve the new budget?". "Which floorplan should we select?". "Does this shirt make me look fat?" You can ask any question you want, and any audience member, host, or presenter can choose to answer.

If multiple answers are an option, you can check the box to "allow voter to select multiple answers."

For example, if they are polling about what to have for lunch, you might have two options.

In general, online polls allow meeting members to offer instant, visual feedback to questions posed in a meeting. Polling can be used to reach a consensus or determine a baseline from which to move forward. Create on-the-fly single or multiple response polls to make your online meeting more engaging and interactive. Voting and polling within a VIA3 meeting is easy to initiate and you can share the results in real time. There are no limits to the number of polls within a meeting and each question can have up to ten responses. Once the meeting is over you can save the responses for future reference.

To try VIA3 meetings (with the voting and polling functionality built-in) visit http://www.viack.com/ today!