Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Web Conferencing Keeps Businesses Productive During Swine Flu

While today’s business user has already benefited greatly from web conferencing and the ability to conduct meetings and stay in contact with clients, customers and colleagues without having to leave the office, the advantages of the technology are even more evident when a potential pandemic case of the ‘the H1-N1 virus” or “Swine Flu” arises.

Through the use of audio and video conferencing, users can remain productive and eliminate the risk of coming in contact with any viruses because the need to leave their homes or offices to travel in crowded areas becomes unnecessary.

In fact, in emergency situations or when an outbreak and potential risks from airborne viruses are introduced, it can be difficult for organizations to maintain functionality because employees are hesitant to go to the office or continue on with their communications with others.

Recommendations to avoid crowded places – like an airport, also make the case for conference call solutions even stronger as the technology can allow companies to continue communicating and working via the phone or Internet.

Early announcements about this virus were even conducted by the CDC and others via teleconference and many organizations and other government bodies are also continuing to use teleconferencing as a way to brief the public and communicate on the status of the virus.

With video conferencing services from http://www.viack.com/ (VIA3), companies have an innovative way to get the most of their meetings and ensure their employees remain up to date, even when they can't make it into the office including the ability to participate in important discussions and decisions, while also keeping germs out of the office and maintaining productivity levels.

A study from Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert), World Audio Conferencing Bridge Markets, found that the audio conferencing and bridging market is estimated to reach $200 million in 2014. Also a report from AMI Partners predicts that the audio conferencing market for SMBs will hit $2.6 billion by 2012 and that video conferencing will grow to $164 million by 2012, up from $100 million reported in 2006.

This increased spending in conference call services will ensure that businesses are better prepared to maintain operations regardless of any potential health threats that may arise as well as provide them with an advanced, environmentally friendly, and cost saving way to conduct their meetings, even when no threats are present.

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