Wednesday, July 1, 2009

VIA3 Releases Intelligent Recording (IntelliRecord) Feature for VIA3 Web Conferencing

VIA3 announced the immediate availability of their new industry leading intelligent recording (IntelliRecord) feature for VIA3 web conferencing. This feature allows users to record individual training sessions, webinars, meetings, demonstrations, presentations, desktop sharing, and more. During the recording, VIA3 intelligently “switches” between the most relevant and recent displays, such as presentations, desktop live views, and presenter video(s). This IntelliRecord feature uses a unique next-generation intuitive algorithm for relevant predictive media selection, and gives all subsequent reviewers the most accurate view possible of the crucial conference components. VIA3 IntelliRecord is enacted by simply clicking the “Start Recording” button inside of VIA3. After this feature has been started, all of the intelligent recording is handled automatically, with absolutely no manual switching required. Users are also able to choose an audio only version of the recording, for added flexibility.

In addition to general training, sales, product demos, webinars, meetings, and desktop sharing, IntelliRecord will be greatly appreciated by our customers in the legal field, financial services, business services, and physician services. An indispensable tool for their trade, VIA3 continues to allow all the same great Presentation, Meeting and Collaboration features, with the added ability to record their meetings for documented playback. VIACK continues to see increasing opportunities to unseat existing WebEx, GoToMeeting, and LiveMeeting customers with VIA3’s superior recording capabilities, affordability, and general depth of features. For example, with VIA3 you do not need a custom player installed on your machine as WebEx does. Instead, users simply download the file to share with as many people as desired. The IntelliRecord Workspace storage option allows customers to make their videos private to only a select few or public to the world where a link can be shared with anyone.

VIA3 is available for free for one month from The free trial version does not require a credit card, and includes ALL features of the full VIA3 product, including the newly released “IntelliRecord”.

VIA3 was awarded the “2009 Best of Class” award for Web Conferencing solutions from the Web Conferencing Council, and with the addition of more and more features, appears to be a strong candidate to repeat next year as well. One of the leading attributes that helped VIA3 win the top award was its affordability, security, and depth of features. VIA3 offers more product features for less money over rivals such as WebEx and GoToMeeting.