Thursday, August 20, 2009

Web Conferencing Quick Start Guide

The best quick start guide for Web Conferencing that the has ever recommended same titled “Quick Start Guide for Web Conferencing”, available on

As a test, they had a non-technical relative of one of our testers equipped with a a Dell E6400 with Windows XP, complete with built-in camera & microphone. This relative was able to start a multi-point meeting in 17 minutes, was able to share her desktop and present an online presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) in under 25 minutes, and even started using the voting and whiteboarding features within 30 minutes - all of it witnessed but uncoached.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video conferencing prompting all companies to cut travel

In these difficult economic times you have to consider realistic measures to cut costs and the cost effectiveness of Travel offers just such consideration.

Business culture has traditionally involved travel; whether to meetings, seminars, exhibitions or training sessions....... but there is a way to moderate that culture dramatically. There will always be the need for face to face meetings but Web Conferencing offers a credible alternative for many of these meetings that will bring major savings in cost efficiency..... and if you don't look seriously at this developing technology your competitors probably will.

Consider a situation where people gather together in a meeting room but where some from more remote locations who should be there aren't, unable to commit to travelling there, but whose input to the meeting is valued and needed. By running a web conference these remote users can be brought into the meeting and allowed to fully participate thereby achieving a much more valued experience all round. They have saved on the cost & time involved had they indeed travelled and they are able to concentrate on other important issues right up until the meeting starts and able to resume again straight after.

Then there is the situation where people need to meet up from geographically dispersed locations and where the overall cost of travel and possible accomodation is considerable, maybe even prohibitive. Again, by running the alternative web conference a very cost effective meeting can be arranged. Audio & video capability assures complete communication by users able to pick up on the normality of facial expression needed to ensure a quality experience. And of course users will have the ability to share desktop resources, applications & browsers with each other to achieve full collaboration capability.

So not only does the online web conference offer a quality and cost effective alternative to the traditional meeting but a measurable saving of your carbon footprint is achieved to ably promote your green credentials.

Bear in mind too that Web Conferencing can help bring a valuable stability to costs control when compared against the ever consistent instabilities of traditional fuel based economies.

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