Monday, May 10, 2010

Mile High Productivity Club: Virtual Meetings at 30,000 Feet With Web Conferencing

For most professionals, a regular airline flight means disruption, disconnection and limited offline email catch-up. When Sales Director Teresa Lockard steps on a plane, her productivity barely misses a beat. Teresa is one of the progressive information workers who takes advantage of airline Wi-Fi and Web Conferencing to deliver presentations and conduct sales meetings. "My days are usually 100 MPH, and I don't have the luxury of down-time" said Lockard, addressing a Georgia area sales professional group. "With the amount we travel, you would be remiss to lose your travel time to disconnection from your customers, staff, and co-workers."

Teresa takes advantage of VIA3's web conferencing and collaboration technology for rich, secure, video and audio meetings, as well as presentations, 'whiteboarding', voting and desktop sharing. She can also collaborate with others on VIA3 document workspaces, and instant message her co-workers using VIA3 secure corporate IM. "The only disadvantage to collaborating a mile high is the background, which startles some people. They suddenly realize they are seeing the roof of an airline cabin behind me, and it distracts them for a few minutes. Other than that, if you can do it around a physical conference room table, you can do it with VIA3."

Brian Hodges, VIA3 CEO, discussed the nuances of mile-high web conferencing. "One inherent danger to using most web conferencing software with open airplane Wi-Fi is the huge lack of security. For proprietary information, documentation, and discussions, fliers wanting to conference should use only VIA3, which is 128-bit AES level secure from the ground up, and easily the most secure web conferencing tool on the market today."

To find the airline best suited for your meeting and collaboration needs, Gizmodo rates the speeds of various Wi-Fi enabled carriers in this article: (Normal Wi-Fi prices on airlines is in the $10 per hour range).

To download VIA3 for usage anywhere on earth AND the friendly skies, visit (The cost of VIA3 conferencing is under 30$ a month for unlimited usage).