Friday, January 7, 2011

US Government Resource Planning Group Maximizes Productivity Using VIA3 for Secure Telework, Conferencing, and Collaboration

The US Government resource planning group “Fentress” has revolutionized their work processes using VIA3 secure Video Conferencing, Document Sharing, and Instant Communications.

Keith T. Fentress, President of Fentress Incorporated, knew that the telework revolution was coming to the US Government, and decided to get in front of the technology wave. He was one of the early adopters of secure web based communication long before President Obama signed law the Telework Enhancement Act, which requires federal agencies to develop more robust and secure telework plans. In doing so, he selected VIA3, a software based FIPS 140-2 Web and Video Conferencing solution. According to Fentress, this “remarkable” technology has revolutionized their work, transformed their company, and connected virtual employees spread out over 5 different states.

For starters, Fentress replaced all internal company calls with videoconferencing. This was a bit of a shock at the beginning, and the employees were concerned about the intrusion of videoconferencing into home offices. After using the product for two months, they quickly saw an increase in camaraderie and efficiency. When previously performing only conference calls, they did not have everyone's attention and found people would be on mute most of the time, distracted, or disconnected. Now with videoconferencing, the attention of team members is sustained, and there is a lot more interactivity.

Another heavy use for their daily Telework is document sharing. Fentress employees have described VIA3’s ease of document sharing as “remarkable”. Though they had this feature prior to using the VIA3, sharing is now much more intuitive and accessible. Once a document is open, you are only two mouse clicks away from sharing it with all participants.

Employees now stay connected constantly through secure Instant Messaging – a feature that normally can be compromised but is 100% safe with VIA3’s FIPS 140-2 AES level security. In addition to the new found confidence stemming from the deep security, they have found VIA3 instant messaging to be so quick and easy that it has become a routine part of their workday. The speed of instant messaging and the ability to transfer files – even large files – is a great benefit.

Efficiencies abound for Fentress in VIA3, including the use of presence awareness. Through the VIA3 “launch pad” Fentress can now tell when each other are in the office, in a meeting, or have stepped away from their workplace. This feature has helped them stay in touch better by seeing everyone’s status. They even take advantage of the ability to add comments, like “in client meeting” or “on vacation.”

Other consulting groups and government agencies wanting to fully comply with the Telework Enhancement Act need to turn to FIPS 140-2 secure conferencing solutions for secure video conferencing, online presentations, meetings of any size, document collaboration, and web-based communications. This means either a hardware intensive fixed point solution, or VIA3.

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